Safety Patrol

Safety Manager – Laurence Paul
Safety Patrol Supervisor -
Patrol Member – Brian Sparrow
Patrol Member – Neil Grant
Patrol Member – Albert August

The Musqueam Security Department is a team of dedicated individuals tasked with building a responsive, reliable and valuable emergency management service for the Community. Work is under way to expand the scope, expertise and value of the service within the Community.

• Patrol the Community from 5 pm to 8 am 7 days a week
• Respond to calls for assistance from Community Members
• Liaise with the Police and other Emergency Services to ensure an adequate level respectful, fair, impartial and culturally sensitive service is delivered at all times
• Protect property
• Assist in the removal of derelict vehicle, vessels and hazardous wastes and dangerous goods
• Review and work to ensure compliance of Musqueam By-laws
• Develop programming based on Community needs and preferences
• Supply and maintain emergency oxygen, defibrillators and first aid equipment at critical areas around the Community.
• Prepare reports on a wide variety of safety and security related subjects
• Work with other Musqueam Departments on an exhaustive array of tasks
• Work with outside corporations and Government Agencies to enhance the safety and well being of Musqueam

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