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Musqueam is a destination for those who seek out world-class products such as Musqueam’s unique Cultural Education Resource Centre and Museum as well as the five-star meeting facilities, art galleries, and golf course. Musqueam facilities offer a quality experience. Visit, study, and hold your meetings at Musqueam in spaces that embody connections to the land and culture. Feast on traditional cuisine prepared by our catering staff. Browse authentic quality art installed within each magnificent cedar structure. Enjoy local views of the river and walk in the footsteps of our ancestors while learning about ancient plants, salmon habitat, and historic trails.

Contact us today to arrange your retreat and conference packages – custom-designed to meet the needs of your group including meeting space, audio visual support, catering, traditional entertainment, guided tours, and golf.

Musqueam Community Centre
Musqueam Cultural Education Resource Centre
Sports Fields
Musqueam Golf & Learning Academy

Musqueam Community Centre

The Musqueam Community Centre is a new 31,000 square foot multi-purpose facility adjacent to the Administration building and across the street from the Cultural Education Resource Centre. The complex has a full size gymnasium with upper viewing area, a fitness centre, change rooms, a lounge, a youth centre, a full commercial kitchen, classrooms, boardroom, yoga studio and administration offices.

Musqueam Community Centre Entrance


Musqueam Cultural Education Resource Centre


The Musqueam Cultural Education Resource Centre is the reconstruction of the original 2010 Olympics Four Hosts Aboriginal Pavilion. The original temporary structure was acquired by Musqueam on completion of the 2010 Winter Olympics and relocated and reconstructed into its permanent location. This signature building is at the Heart of the Community and serves as a cultural and learning resource centre and from the rear overlooks the foreshore lands and the Fraser River.

The building contains a front reception area, museum/gallery containing archaeological and historic artifacts, a central meeting room, cultural/language classroom and office. 

Musqueam Cultural Education Resource Centre

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Musqueam Golf and Learning Academy


More here: http://www.musqueamgolf.com/

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