Lands Manager – Fran Guerin
Lands Assistant – Charleen Grant
Land Code Coordinator – Kim A. Guerin

The Musqueam Lands Department is responsible for the Reserve Lands and Environment Management Program (RLEMP) on behalf of the Musqueam General Band (MIB) under the Authority of the Indian Act as delegated by the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC). We answer to the Musqueam Band Council and operate under INAC policies and procedures. RLEMP is INAC’s renewed version of Land Management with an emphasis on Comprehensive Sustainable Community Development Planning, which requires active community involvement to determine our Band goals and objectives. Musqueam has contracted the services of the consulting firm, Ecoplan International, to work with our Band.

Musqueam Council has, effective April 2009, started a new two-year project called First Nation Land Management Act (FNLMA). The intent of the project is to take the management of Musqueam Reserve Lands and Resources out from under the Indian Act. A Lands Committee has been appointed to work on this project. The final decision will be made by a Musqueam Band referendum vote. It is the Band who makes the final decision and if it is a yes vote, that we opt out the management of our lands and resources (Finances) from under the Indian Act, there is no provision to reverse the decision -- once you’re out from under the Indian Act, you’re out and the Band will be solely responsible for its own lands and resource management. All other sections of the Indian Act will still apply.

The Land Code Team will be holding community meetings for the Musqueam Band members to share information and to receive any questions about the project. They will share information about the “Draft Musqueam Indian Band Land Act” once the (Land Code) Committee has completed a legal review. The project also includes transfer of authority of MIB resources, namely Finances.

Our other work includes:
Note: as of July 14, 2010, the INAC consultant met with MIB delegation to discuss what they are calling a “renovation of the On-Reserve Indian Land Program.”

• Assignments and mortgaging of leasehold property
• Annual rent collection
• Assist lessees with property service expectations

• Commission surveys and Land Status Reports
• Permit Agreements for Band Land
• Allotment and transfer of Individual Interests, and creation of Temporary Interests
• Research Chain of Title
• Assist members in land related issues

• Musqueam Indian Reserve #2, Sea Island #3 and Ladner #4 (and any new Lands added to Reserve Status)
• Fee Simple lands: Fraser Arms Property, Celtic Properties, Parcel “K”, Triangle lands, Bridge Point Lands, UBC Golf Course Lands, Burnaby Lands, and Blocks A & B, K & F (formerly part of University Endowment Lands)
• ATR - Addition to Reserve: Presently working on 3 applications with INAC for Approval of Lands to be awarded “Reserve Status” Note: if Reserve Status is NOT achieved/awarded, these parcels of Land will remain as Fee Simple Lands. Ordinarily Fee Simple Lands are subject to Taxation but these lands have been registered under a Bare Trust for the Band to protect the Interests of the Band.

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