Musqueam Land Code Committee - Request for Expression of Interest

Musqueam Land Code Committee - Request for Expression of Interest
The Musqueam Land Code Committee of Council invites an expression of interest in writing from any interested Band Member to have their name be considered for an appointment to serve on the Musqueam Land Code Committee.


The Musqueam Band Council is the deciding body as to who will be selected to serve on the committee.


There are four people required to be appointed:
• Two Musqueam Band Member at Large;
• Musqueam Band Youth Representative;
• Musqueam Band Elder Representative.


The duties of the Committee are to assist in the completion of pre-conditions to the Musqueam Land Code:

• Requisite Staff
• Development of Matrimonial Property Law;
• Finalize draft Risk Management Study;
• Computerized Inter-Departmental Systems Development;


Musqueam is currently in a transition period of the Land Code Project, and require the dedication of the working group to complete the Musqueam Land Code Pre-conditions to bring Musqueam into the operational stage of the project subject to the Band Council determination.


Deadline April 14, 2015 Application Deadline 


Please feel free to contact with any questions on this matter. Kim A. Guerin, Coordinator 604-263-3261